Pretty In Pink - Eye Makeup Tutorial

I am OBSESSED with all things Too Faced but especially their peach eye palette with insanely bright and pigmented shades of pink. Follow along below to get this look or change it up to find your perfect shade of PINK!

STEP 1: Primer & Foundation


STEP 2: Contour, Contour, Contour


STEP 3: Tame The Brows


STEP 4: Prime the Eyes! (Crucial step to keep the colors bright and long lasting!)


STEP 5: Layer on the Pinks!


STEP 6: Brighten with liner and mascara!


STEP 7: Finish off with Pink Lipstick (...You had to see that one coming)



Ta-da! You've mastered your first Pretty in Pink look; if there are other color inspirations or looks you want me to simply comment below or use the hashtag #PickMyPretty on social media!

Marissa Begin