Meal Prep 101

The struggle with Meal Prepping is typically one of two things.

1. You don't have time to meal prep

2. Eating healthy costs too much


Like the majority of the population, I believe I have a very busy schedule so time is of the essence! I also am a 'Maximizer' according to my Myers Briggs personality test which means I don't like to waste time; every minute I dedicate should be productive! 

On the other hand though, I value health and fitness and selfishly want to look amazing in a swim suit come June so I am in a real pickle...great, now I'm also hungry for pickles!

As I continue to write this post (pickle jar now conveniently sitting next to me) I realize if I take 15 minutes out of my week to PLAN what I want to eat for the week and only 1 HOUR to prep the meals, I can lose DOUBLE the amount of weight I was by going with the flow and grabbing a sandwich from Jimmy John's when I didn't have time to make my lunch after work. Here are my tips to a successful meal prep session!


7 Tips to Killing The Meal Prepping Game:

1. Buy 'Bento Box' styled containers

These mentally help with portion control and are easy to wash and reuse. Link to the containers I have:

2. Rule of TWO for the week (or 2 weeks if you can extend it)

This is one of the main reasons for keeping my grocery bill cheap. I choose 2 different proteins, fruits, and veggies and make different variations for meals for a week and then the next week I switch it up with two different proteins,fruits, and veggies.

.3. Start with the items that will take the longest to cook

Typically rice, potatoes, and my proteins take the longest to cook so I'll season the protein and stick it in the oven as I move on to chopping veggies.

4. Lay it all Out

I lay out all my containers for the week and start putting the food in as it's ready; ex. I'll put a handful of mixed greens in each lunch container then 2 Tbsp of feta cheese in each container then the protein once it's fully cooked. Treat this step like your assembly line.

5. Don't Be Afraid Of Smoothies Year Round

One of the main reasons I love smoothies (and drink them year round) is because they're so quick to make and you can literally run out the door with them. I'll even go as far as taking 5 plastic bags and measuring out 1 cup of fruit (maybe a small handful of spinach as well) to dump in my blender, top of with protein powder and water and I'm good to go! Another trick if you like to use yogurt or almond milk in your smoothies is to fill an ice tray with them and add the frozen cubes into your smoothie plastic bag.

Marissa Begin