Healthy Meals + Portion Control

I lost 15 pounds in a couple months and I believe 80% of my results came from what I'm going to highlight in this blog post. I'd be lying if I didn't say I greatly increase my workout frequency (5-6 days a week) and intensity (High cardio and increase weights) which also contributed to my weight loss; however, the foundation to have the energy, motivation and ability to see fast results was definitely attributed to my change in diet and portions. 

There are an OVERWHELMING amount of videos, blogs, articles, books, and seminars that highlight the ideal amount of carbs, proteins, sugars, and their scientific benefits but to be honest it's hard to keep up and MAINTAIN a healthy diet with you hear so many different versions of a similar truth. 

Plain and simple and how I like it so I'm going to break down the rough guidelines I try to stick to everyday and HOW TO MEAL PREP so you're ready for the week and will see weight loss right away.

Here is a snapshot into my typical daily consumption and their (estimated) amounts:


I typically workout first and drink my pre-workout supplement as well as my 'Hydrate' supplement I drink during my workout which gets me TWO GLASSES OF WATER in before I've even taken my shower for the day.

I workout then take my post-workout supplement (another glass of water!). Side Bar: If you'd like me to go into more detail on which supplements I use for weight loss and muscle gain in another blog post; comment below!

Meal One- My Chocolate Protein Shake: 2/3 cup of mixed berries and half a frozen banana blended with a scoop of protein powder and water.

Snack One- 1-2 fried eggs (water or small drizzle of oil in the pan) and 2 strips of Turkey Bacon



Lunch- 1 Cup of mixed greens, 1/3 cup protein like chicken or shrimp (lightly grilled and seasoned), 2 Tbsp of Feta Cheese, and 2 Tbsp of a dressing of your choice!

Snack Two- 1 Apple and Peanut Butter or 12 Almonds (1 cup of veggies and 2 Tbsp of Hummus is also delicious!)



Dinner- 1/2 Cup of Spaghetti Squash, 2/3 cup protein like ground turkey (Sautéed with a little oil and spices!), 2 Tbsp Parmesan Cheese, and 1/4 cup Organic Tomato Sauce

*Before Lunch and Dinner I like to have had another full glass of water to help with portion control and to help get me to 5-6 glasses each day!

Marissa Begin